How to Create an Awesome Corporate Video for Your Business


These days it’s not enough to have a flashy website or flyers to promote your business, as video has become the primary means of promoting a brand. With a great video you’ll be able to convey your message and reach out to clients and potential clients, which is the ultimate goal. Here are some tips.

Short and Sweet

Keep your video short and straight to the point, otherwise viewers will just skip it altogether. The whole point of a corporate video is to share information that your target market will find useful. For instance, you can post testimonials on the video which explains how your product or service can benefit the viewer.

Are you offering a new product or service? Post a video with a quick overview of what it’s about and what people can expect from it. Don’t go into all the details, just offering highlights of the product / service will be enough. No matter what the topic is, keep the video to 5 minutes or less: that’s enough time to convey your message and advertise the product or service.

Make the Video Interesting

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By interesting, we mean the video must contain information that your intended audience can relate to. So if your company is promoting a food product, you can post a short video showing how to prepare it.

Don’t Neglect the Fundamentals

This means getting the video actors (paid or your employees) to play the part well and second, it needs to follow the basic rules for creating a video: there has to be an opening, a smooth narrative flow and a closing. Some videos are tightly scripted while others rely on ad lib and spontaneity. The choice is up to you, just make sure that the outcome is coherent.

Do a Test Run

Before uploading the video, do an “advanced screening”, and get reactions from industry experts, colleagues and friends. Review the video as a critic not as a creator, and be honest about it. Think of how your target audience will react to it and also the tone, and if the response isn’t any good, make the appropriate changes. If you’re still not sure how to proceed, you can hire a Toronto video production agency like Memory Tree to help your company with corporate video strategy.

Pay Attention to the Tone

Humor is one of the keys to attracting an audience, but use only if it’s appropriate. A bit of humor here and there is nice, but don’t overdo it. Remember too that what’s funny to you might not be for an audience so you should watch it with other people and judge their reaction.

Don’t Ignore Production Value

These days anyone can post a video on YouTube, and almost everyone does, but only a select few can be considered top notch. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment, but a clear audio is must. And remember, backdrops don’t need to be complex: for a brief corporate video, a white background or your office will do nicely. Keep in mind; it’s the message that ultimately counts.